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Specialized and demanding surgeries can now be performed in Greece, as the Hellenic Craniofacial Center has know-how, specialized doctors with many years of experience in relevant cases and infrastructure. Usually the problem is not treated with a single operation but with a sequence of operations in which a number of specialties intervene. Craniofacial surgeries are ideally performed during the first months of life, so that the best aesthetic result can be achieved and there are no functional repercussions on the child's development (speech problems, cognitive and learning difficulties, pressure on the brain). The child is monitored until adulthood and interventions are made where necessary. In any case such type of surgeries can be performed at any age. In craniofacial surgery we never use foreign bodies but tissues and bones from the same body in order to achieve smooth and complete integration and not to be rejected in the future.

Craniofacial surgery also deals with aesthetic rehabilitation by intervening in both the skeleton and the bones, achieving a wider range of improvements. For example, in an asymmetry in the jaws we can improve both the aesthetic and the functional result.


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