Not only is he a very good doctor but most of all he is a kind man. May God always give him health and strength to continue his work giving to the children of the world many smiles and to their parents peace and confidence.
K.G., Athens
To the best "Man and Doctor" in the world, I wis to him besides health, to have everything else he needs in order to continue his work uninterruptedly. Countless thanks for everything!
I.X., Cyprus
You have earned our trust and we have entrusted our baby in your hands. The outcome is perfect, as has been the postoperative process of the child until now. God bless you!
S.Th., Athens
Our child was operated by Drs Alexandrou and Panagopoulos, in June 2020, after he was born with craniosynostosis, specifically scaphocephaly. The results are indescribable from the first day he left the operating room. They stood by us, from the very first moment we met, there was constant communication, whenever we requested for it. This team of craniofacial surgeons are members of the "European Society of Craniofacial Surgeons" and use the most effective, invasive method that is applied today for these cases around the world, called the "cranial vault remodeling". What I have to say from our experience, is that without any doubt they are top in what they do and above all they are kind, they stand by the parents and children from the first moment. In addition to the above I urge, all parents to read about the contemporary methods applied today and  find out which method provides the best results in the long run.
P.P., Cyprus
I thank the doctors who with their work in our little Nefeli at the age of 10.5 months, brought joy to our lives. The truth is that it was a stressful experience until the process was completed. But we trusted our doctors and everything went well. Nefeli suffered from trigonocephaly in a rather serious condition. Nefeli is now 8 years old and nothing shows that she underwent such an operation plus there have been no side effects. I am grateful for a lifetime to these doctors and no matter how many "thank you" I say I feel it could never be enough. They are ALWAYS by us whenever we need them, whatever question we have. I highly recommend them from the bottom of my heart. They are simply amazing in their work and above all they are first humans and then doctors.
Ch.I., Cyprus
I believe that in order to believe something, you must first experience it. I lived it by my little sister, who by luck, happened to find not only an amazing doctor but a man, who in our eyes, is a hero!!! We believed in him from the very first moment as he was the only one who made us feel really safe, secure and full of hope!!! 
Th.S. Athens
Dear Dr Alexandrou, thank you for changing Luna’s life, thank you for achieving what we thought was impossible...There are no words to properly describe our gratitude for everything that you have done for us. May good luck and good health accompany you and your family forever! With love from the depths of the heart.
L.C., Cyprus
 Mr. Alexandrou, is an excellent person and doctor, as is the whole team!!! We have absolute confidence in you!! Thank you.
G.B., Athens
We discovered the team of the Hellenic Craniofacial Center on the internet when we were exploring possibilities of dealing with the health condition of our child who was suffering from Apert syndrome. The first contact, filled us with confidence and enthusiasm with regards to the quality of its people as well as their deep knowledge on the subject. The successful result and the excellent postoperative course of the condition of our 13-year-old child justified our choice to entrust such a serious incident in their hands. We wish them good health, longevity, to always stay on top and continue to save lives and make people happy!
S.R., Athens, November 2020
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